We engage the future entrepreneurs in a pre- axibation process named Alpha Axis, through continuous awareness on the ecosystem. Our axibation process starts with the understanding of idea vs the individual where we make the upcoming entrepreneur understand the required skills through a skill matrix. A well thought out curriculum inculcating our three step methodology acts as a fool-proof process, while always availing an opportunity to revisit the process for the required learnings.

Alpha Axis - a Pre-Axibation center established in the Institutions in and around the respective cities, where students get hands-on experience in developing their skills and aspire them to achieve their vision to reality. Alpha Axis plays a major role in developing an individual by transforming the Axibants into the NextGen Entrepreneurs and empowering the ecosystem.




Individuals can apply for the program irrespective of any stream

No Final years encouraged (*However, there are exceptions)

No restrictions on the number of Backlogs or academic percentage (We only look at your passion for Entrepreneurship)

We do not recommend any final year students to participate with respect to the final Examinations and your Projects (*However, there can be exceptions)


Gain the required skills and be a part of a start-up idea even if you don’t own one and be a start-up co-founder

Entrepreneurial mindset and skill development

Meet advisors to guide your vision at every step of the journey

Technology Experts from the corporate world

Concessional access to in-house/collaborated events and workshops

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Additional Services for Institutions:

Events Organising & Management. (Ex. Tedx, Science Fairs, Competitions Cultural Events, Annual Days)


School Elections & MUNs

ERP Software

Marketing & Outreach Strategy