An exciting program for school students to transform the young minds into Out of the Box Thinkers, Confident, Passionate, and Real-Problem Solving Youngpreneurs. Cub Axis holds many compelling ways to Generate and Develop Ideas to Business, write Business plans, Pitch their Ideas to a panel of investors & mentors and launch their own companies. (We ensure there is a hassle-free ongoing of academics throughout our process)

A well thought out curriculum inculcating our three step methodology acts as a fool-proof process, while always availing an opportunity to revisit the process for the required learnings.

Cub Axis established in the Schools in and around the respective cities, where students get hands-on experience in developing their skills and aspire them to achieve their vision to reality. Cub Axis plays a major role in developing an individual by transforming the Axibants into the NextGen Entrepreneurs and empowering the ecosystem.


Beginner’s Level
Intermediate Level (Alpha Axis)
Expert Level (Procivars Axis)

Levels & Phases :



Individuals can apply for the program irrespective of any stream

No restrictions on the number of Backlogs or academic percentage (We only look at your passion for Entrepreneurship)

No Final years encouraged (*However, there are exceptions)

You do not need an idea to opt for this program.


Problem Solving Ability

Risk Taking

Enterprise Skills

Team Building and Management

Soft Skills

Analytical Skills

Critical Thinking

Entrepreneurial Abilities

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Additional Services for Institutions:

Events Organising & Management. (Ex. Tedx, Science Fairs, Competitions Cultural Events, Annual Days)


School Elections & MUNs

ERP Software

Marketing & Outreach Strategy