Factual Fosters is a fragment of Entreesphere that intends to gather a diverse set of activities in which networks of locals, community groups, and activists work with our members to generate bottom-up solutions for sustainable developments; novel solutions that respond to the local situation and the interests and values of the communities involved; and where those communities have control over the process and outcomes. We believe that innovation today is growing enormously and that innovation can help people in both urban and rural regions to resolve root-level problems.

Throughout the history of modern innovation and development there has always existed an undercurrent of grassroots innovators and change-makers working directly on sustainable local solutions. Whether in urban or rural settings, and across all sorts of domains, such as food, energy, housing, manufacturing, leisure, health, communications, education, and more.

How to be a part of us?

All you need is a team full of young, passionate energy that is focussed to create an impact

The Math lover(s) - Accounts

The Magician(s) of Words - Marketing

The Miser Funds Caretaker - Finance

The Grammatical & Vocabulary Teacher - Content

The Jugaad Manager - Operations

The Gossip Girls - Promotions & Outreach

The Leader to lead these above pack of doers

Also, the team is open to have one or more type of people from the above list and out of list as well

How does this work ?

Step : 1

Look Around

Step : 2


Step : 3


Step : 4


Step : 5


Step : 6


Step : 7


Step : 8


Step : 9


Social Entrepreneurship with a unique perspective! Acknowledging grass-root innovations

Await for amazement!

Have a grass-root social innovative Idea/initiative?

Let’s talk and make this happen

Looking to join a team or already have a team to be a part?

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Want to support by raising funds for our social initiatives?

Even cold beverages will do

Know a region that could use our assistance?

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